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It’s easy to talk about WHAT you need to change. I’m more interested in talking about HOW you actually do it. I love discovering simple mind tricks and behavior hacks that are backed by science. So here’s one you need to know for HOW you create new HABITS.

First, understand the science. All habits get encoded in your brain as a CHUNK with 3 parts. The 3 part CHUNK is called a habit loop and once you understand how it works you can tap the power of science to learn new habits.

Every habit has three parts:

1) A trigger

2) A behavior you repeat

3) A reward.

Now, use this knowledge to create a positive new habit.

For example, Here’s the habit loop I created for exercise.

I lay out my exercise clothes the night before to create a positive trigger.

When I see them in the morning, it’s the trigger to remind me that I said I would exercise.

The behavior I repeat is to get dressed and push myself out the door and go do it (that part sucks) and the reward is either a protein shake or an iced coffee when I am done.

After a few days of giving yourself the same trigger and reward, something cool happens.

When you see your clothes lying on the floor of your closet, you won’t think about exercising.

Your mind will jump to the end of the loop and think about the protein shake because it wants the reward that comes after the behavior.

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